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The Retro Series represents the first EVER  gradient graduated set. Hate having to pull out mallets to see what hardness they are? We know the feeling! Ranging from I to IV, these hardnesses are represented through a gradiant system with white being the hardest and black being the softest. The sleek and professional design and colors make it easy to find the mallet you need quickly. 

This set is perfect for the aspiring young musician all the way to the professional seasoned marimbist. 


The Retro Series is a solo mallet set that captures sound in a medium sized hall for early soloists. (solo mallets)

Can also be used as ensemble mallets.


Retro Series Graduated Set

$79.99 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price


  • 100% bamboo cotton 
  • White - black gradiant colors defining each mallet 

Rubber and Core

  • 3D printed PLA hard center
  • Natural rubber outer core 
  • No super glue is used to assemble the mallets which means there is a more uniform sound 


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