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Marble Surface

company Ethos

Empower Musicians by making the best quality products for the best price possible.

Empower Musicians who can't afford mallets by creating FREE content that will help them create their own mallets.

We truly want "One for All"

Our Story

The Summer of 2018 is when I stumbled across the world of marimba and mallets, and I was hooked. Something that I couldn't shake however was the high price tags that these mallets had. 

 Since then, my brother Michael and I have dreamed about starting our own business, creating beautiful, professional mallets at great prices. 

With a lot of help from some amazing people,

It is exciting that the dream is now a reality.

A Special Thank You



If you ever wondered how we wrap our mallets, look no further than this mans creativity and life long accumulation of skills that helped design and fabricate our mallet machine. Even after setbacks and health conditions, he pushed through better than any other man I could think of. The company would not be the same if it weren't for his contribution. He is an artist, engineer, lover, but most importantly a do-er.

Duke if you're reading this know I love you and I am forever grateful for your contribution and our beautiful friendship, Thank you.


Carl Galarroza

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If you've ever wondered why the sound quality of the "One For All" and the "Retro" Series sound so colorful and vibrant, its single handedly because of this master Marimbist.

Carl is tenacious about sound quality and feel when it comes to marimba mallets. I am so grateful how uncompromising he was when it came to sound. because of this, I truly believe we have some the best sounding mallets in the entire industry.

Carl, Thank you again for politely schooling me in mallet making and helping this company upgrade our sound to help fulfill our ethos.

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